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Be Mine ... 2021 Valentine Inspired styled Shoot

Every Year I get VERY excited for my Senior Spokesmodel Programs Styled shoots and this year we are doing a Fashion Pink & Red VALENTINES theme Shoot. So how each Styled shoot goes is I create a style vision Board to give them very detailed specifics on vision, inspo and Style I want the girls to achieve... while still also having them remain true to EACH GIRL. They are tasked with taking the board I give them and transforming it and incorporating themselves into it

Here's the Board for reference....NOW, lets scroll down below and see how my vision planned out shall we??




I'm a photographer, wife, mother, friend.

Photography, videography and marketing are all a major passions of mine. There is nothing more amazing than evoking real emotions, capturing moments, and being a part of such special events in the lives of people. The birth of a baby, the first kiss as husband and wife, and senior pictures remembered for the rest of one’s life are the some of the special moments I have shared with clients.

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